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Pat's not so famous USRA nationals not so top ten thoughts and results......

1. Went 24th to 8th in feature Thursday night(that was fun)!!

and 7th to 2nd in our B feature Friday night, A Feature wants as kind to me tho.

2.Mother nature won as the Saturday features were cancelled.

3.They had a BBQ and free beverages after practice on Wednesday, that was cool!

4. They have really good tenderloins at the bar/restaurant at the track!

5. A big thanks to Andy Bryant race team for all the help,food, and pit spot during the week.

6. A huge shout out to Cody Cook of Cook racing supply for the all the help on Bumper and front end repairs, great guy!

7. Also a big thanks to USRA officials and Ryan Whitworth for (fixing) my nose piece so I could continue in the feature. I would have had to pull in without them helping!

8. Very good to have Jenn and my folks with on this trip, Support is always needed!

9. I like the tech building concept they used before the event and after the features.

10. In conclusion, It was fun having interview, and pretty cool to have Bryce back announcing as well. We had a really good weekend, and made some new friends, and racers. Hope to see everyone at a track real soon!


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