Pat's not so famous top ten list from the United States Racing Association USRA Nationals at the Lucas Oil Speedway.


 1. I know it's weird to have it number one on the list, but the popcorn was awesome!!  Movie theaters have nothing on them

2. Big thanks to Pat Fagen at FastShafts by Axle Exchange for use of the golf cart during the scavenger hunt, Jenn Graham still didn't win but not for lack of effort!   A big hats off to all the drivers we "bothered for photos", they were all good sports!

3. It was so neat to have the Chaplains/clergy on hand for the prayers and also to shake each drivers hands in the lineups before events on the track, really nice gesture!

4. I think the who's who of photographers were hand capturing some great shots....Tyler Rinken, Buck Monson, Chris Claunch, and many more I'm probably forgetting...sorry Tyler and Robert Claunch I think I might have used a picture of yours in this post

5. It was great to have all the coverage and all the great camera work and interviews they posted during the week!  My parents were able to catch all the action back home since my Dad had some health issues that prevented them from attending.

6. Thanks to Scotty Allen for use of his shop in Urbana for some repairs and great "bench racing"

7. The show was very well run by the entire staff!!  With this being a first time event at the facility with over 320 cars and have it go as well as it did was incredible!  It was very organized.

8. Another one on this list you might not ever see me post, the bathrooms were super clean!  I think they must clean them on the hour because even the sinks were always clean, and they always had hot water and soap, and hand sanitizer right outside. It was a very nice touch during these tough health times.

9.  The only complaint I have is the on the big screen during one of my heat races I was trying to watch going down the back stretch where the guys behind me were running but they were focused on another battle on the track . Side note, I still won that heat race and I quit looking at the jumbotron, Guess that's why we don't have rear view mirrors...

10. In conclusion, we did a bunch of racing, did a bunch of "bench racing", and had a great time!   Hope to be back in 2022 to do it all over again!


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