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Racing "Vacation"


"whew"  We finished up our 5 night stock car tour on Sunday....Our team had some ups and downs, and like many people have said "if it was easy everyone would do it"๐Ÿ™‚

My not so famous top ten list from the week....

1. A huge thank you to Dana Brugman for taking a "racing vacation" to help all week on the road,  It would not have been possible without his help!!

2. Popcorn contest winner,  Mason City Motor Speedway.

3. Awesome break during the week having the use of Brugman Farms facilities for washing, tire prep, and "bench racing" with Dan Brugman, Also Hotel Brugman in Royal was great as well!

4.  Arnold Motor Supply of Spencer having the belt we needed, very nice store!

5. Thanks to USRA - United States Racing Association and Todd Staley and Stealth Oilwell services Leslie Gill for putting on this event, along with Fairmont Raceway, Rapid Speedway, Sports Park Raceway, Hamilton County Speedway, and Mason City Motor Speedway.  We were racing for $2000 to win and $300 to start all week, and $5000 to win and $400 to start on Sunday,  Great pay for any class of cars!!

6. Thanks to Jenn Graham for keeping our supplies stocked up, shirts sold, and keeping me focused even when things weren't going our way.

7. Very thankful that my parents and many friends and family were able to attend some of the races, Thanks to Brad Reason, Dakota Reason and Dave Kuykendall for helping on Sunday, Dana and I were way past our second wind and needed a little boost

8. We made all of the A-features, with a best finish of 6th on Sunday night at Mason City, hats off to the track crews at all the tracks as we had some great racing all week!

9. Casey's Teriyaki Beef Jerky is my new go to race treat, A little secret, I try and keep my crew bribed with snacks from our favorite Convenience store

10. We had some tough nights, but also had some great laughs, such as me sitting at a stop sign in Fairmont waiting for light to turn green, I think I was a little tired ,  Hopefully they can put this tour together again next year!



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